• February 3, 2023

Electric Newspaper Emerging trend

A digital newspaper is just a self-contained, reusable newspaper that imbibes and holds information electronically. An Electronic Newspaper is like a printed newspaper but it is spread through the Internet to a list of members subscribing it.

E-newspapers have many legal limitations. They’ve laws regarding libel, privacy and copyright. In 2007 these was a ruling passed in UK to formally regulate the internet newspapers, news audio, and news video websites. It clearly stated the principles to be followed when you are publishing an e-article.

As a newspaper publication carry news, information, advertising and they create a cultural impact to the people, this is the same case with an e-newspaper. There’s also some special interest newspapers which contain specific information about certain political events, crime, business, entertainment etc.  pool result The electronic newspaper may also be subjective. There may also be some public opinion seeking section in your e-newspaper. The views of the public can be generally expressed faster if it is an e-paper. Public polls can be effectively functioned with the electronic paper whilst the reader can express his opinion at the time of reading the news headlines itself. That is surely a quicker mode of communication. Your electronic paper can also contain editorial column, criticism, games like crosswords and Sudoku, movie reviews, advertisements etc. Including horoscopes and other interactive sessions increases the popularity of one’s e newspaper.

Using your e-mail software you can send the e-newspaper and then a less number of subscribers. There are professional E-paper software which can help you to send your e-newspaper to majority of subscribers. Researchers want to develop a e-newspaper where the subscriber can download the news. IBM is working on an electronic ink-based device. IBM’s electronic newspaper is in a book-like format, and is made of 16 pages of flexible, fiberglass-reinforced paper, each about 8.5″ by 11.” With the aid of a club the lightweight pages are bound. An e-newspaper must be light weighted, flexible, high-resolution, glare-free, and it will also be economic.

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