• May 21, 2022

Valentine’s Day, an occasion of Gratitude

I enjoy You forever Beloved Light Bearer. Here are a few happy thoughts from the Mind we share in God:

Valentine’s Day is really a perfect opportunity to remember that the Heart comes first and always. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge those we like (EveryOne) and to remind ourselves, as always, that Love may be the Solution, the Answer, and the Way.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we’re happily in touch with the Love that comes from our Source. I’ll always remind You how deeply You are loved and that You are Love; how unconditional, how unreserved, and how timeless this Love is.

I pray You usually feel totally surrounded and supported by God. On earth you see and the people you meet and the opportunities to See Who’s ever Present, may You usually be blessed.

How wonderful it feels to be fully supported and to possess Holy Spirit open the Way with Ease! How Joyful it feels to have our Source looking after whatever is “needed” to be taken care of before we can even consider “what is needed” ;.Thank You God for the Gift of All Being Taken Care Of.

Happily we ready to accept Childlike Wonder, the Innocent Gift of Wonder. We watch as One as our Source arises with the experiences of miracles moment by moment. Our Source is bringing everything together for Christ and through Christ.

From the the Love that surrounds Us always as an expression of God’s Mind. The power of our Heart and our Source’s Love dissolves any fear, doubt, or conflict best acim podcast. Gratefully we’re allowing the Heart of Want to lead the Way, to open all doors, and to dissolve all resistance that seems to stay our way.

I enjoy You Beloved Light Bearer of God! I am soooooooooo happy for the Love we share as One!!!!

Thanks for saying YES!!!!!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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